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Libby & Smee Founder Sue Erneta

Hi! I’m Sue and I’m the founder, designer, maker, and really the everything-er of Libby & Smee.  Before I started designing jewelry, I was an NYC-based fashion editor for over 20 years. But I swear, the craziest job I've ever had is this oneThat's why everything at Libby & Smee is simple.
Like a quick pair of beaded hoops that you can just throw on to make yourself look — and feel — really good. Or a cool stretch bracelet that your best friend is just going to love. Or even a seed bead choker that your teenage daughter will want to "borrow". (It's okay to say no.)
Simply put, I make jewelry that I like because I think you'll like it too.
Libby & Smee was founded in 2016 when I tied and cut a pair of cotton tassel earrings at my dining room table. Today the line, named after my daughters' initials (LBE & SME), is carried in dozens of stores across the US and is loved by thousands of women around the world from Saskatchewan to Sydney. 
Every piece is still made by hand in my home in Westfield, New Jersey.